NEW TENDENCY - Hoist Toolbox Hoist Toolbox - NEW TENDENCY


EUR 320,00 VAT incl.


Hoist Toolbox, 2021

Powder-coated steel

260 × 260 × 120 mm


Hoist is a playful take on the classic toolbox, and knows how to make itself useful in any scenario – a desktop accessory holding your favorite pens, brushes and utensils, a tool case for work or crafts, or a display container for toys, plants or collectables.

Hoist’s round form keeps anything rectangular in tension – and your workspace neat and balanced.

A built-in slant allows you to grab things from the container with ease, and the central handle makes Hoist single-handedly portable.

Made from powder-coated steel to withstand bumps and scratches, Hoist was conceived as a lifetime companion. Available in a range of colorways.