NEW TENDENCY - Meta Side Table Meta Side Table - NEW TENDENCY


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Meta Side Table, 2011

Powder-coated steel

280 × 350 × 570 mm


The Meta Side Table is one of our signature pieces and well suited to all communal living spaces and bedrooms. Consisting of a series of arranged, powder coated rectangular and circular shapes, Meta’s appearance changes from delicate and thin, to substantial and full depending on the viewing angle. Featuring multi-directional storage for your reading material and an even top for decorative accessories.

* Not sealed, but industrially chromated. This allows the raw material to be preserved in its actual, unaltered appearance, touch, and feel. The surface oscillates between gold, red and green hues, which change by points of contact. Chromate is brought to life by the iridescent color and material effects, as well as its reactions to individual traces of use. The personal variations are essential, each Meta Side Table Chromate varies in finish and becomes a unique piece!