Customer Relationship Manager

As a Customer Relationship Manager (Intercom Operator) at New Tendency, you will play a pivotal role in establishing and nurturing relationships with our clients. Candidates must be fluent in both written German and English. This position is fully remote, and applicants from any timezone are welcome, with preference given to those located in Europe or the US. This position can be part-time or even on an hourly basis, with family-friendly flexibility.

You will:
— Manage Intercom communications, ensuring quick and accurate responses in both written English and German
— Serve as the first point of contact for all customer inquiries, requests, and complaints
— Swiftly recognize and communicate recurring issues or challenges to the broader team for resolution
— Develop and maintain a comprehensive FAQ section and knowledge database that customers can access directly for immediate answers to common queries
— Maintain a casual-friendly yet professional tone of voice, treating our high-end clients with the respect, politeness and attentiveness they deserve

What we are looking for:
— Exceptional written communication skills in both English and German, additional languages are a plus
— Love for communication and interacting with people, striving to provide the highest level of service
— Prior experience with Intercom or similar human customer service solutions is highly appreciated
— Background in hospitality, hotel management, or concierge services is a plus, but not mandatory
— Proven ability to respond promptly and professionally to customer inquiries, demonstrating reliability and accountability
— Experience in identifying recurring issues and working towards effective solutions
— Excellent interpersonal skills with a passion for delivering top-tier customer service

This role offers a unique opportunity to join a dynamic team and make a significant impact on our customer relationships. If you thrive in a fast-paced, customer-centric environment and love connecting with people, we would love to hear from you.

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