For focus, productivity, and work-life-balance, working from home is the new global standard. To compete, the office needs to inspire us. Provide room for identification and communication; and connect remote teams to shared values. The office is an expression of culture.

Productivity and

With hard-wearing quality and timeless design, NEW TENDENCY gives form to the agility and resilience that contemporary companies own: to adapt and attune to whatever may come.

Our products make workspaces that radiate passion, expertise, and commitment: To teams, to communities. To thinking long-term. To doing less but doing it well. To using global connections for local impact.

With minimalist form and no-nonsense solutions, we help teams get together, and focus on their essentials: Creativity and Collaboration. Innovation and Growth.


Remote work is here to stay. For employers, flexible and hybrid work models often translate to half-empty office space, which is neither economic, nor great for team spirit.

In return for losing their fixed personal desk space, teams need to gain the possibility to choose from a variety of dedi­cated desk space.

Ultra-flexible hotdesk spaces, for laptop nomads and short alignment meetings, where nobody grows roots, and briefings stay brief. Task chairs are replaced by benches and stools, ideal for active sitting, to hop on and off, and working on a shared screen.

Heads Down:

Sometimes you want to put your head down, and still feel part of a group. Workbenches add a communal feel, but allow team members to make a workstation their own: for a week, a day, or a few hours of focused work. Task teams can set up camp together, for cross-disciplinary collaboration and instant communication.

Our Masa Table System offers 17 sizes of tabletops in various colours, matching benches, optional cable management and built-in charging. Masa’s angled legs and elegant proportions create a warm feel. The frames disassemble for easy storage. The tabletops can be exchanged for future desk size or look updates.

To keep hold of that favourite pen as you move about, add in our Hoist Toolbox for personal items.

Personal Space:
Do not Disturb

Dedicated workstations still have a place in New Work, for anyone from office managers to directors.

Areas with no-call and no-meeting policies, with improved acoustics and ergonomics, whether personal or shared, allow for undisturbed focus and productivity – without having to put your headphones on.

Zoom in: Full Focus
for Video Calls

The volume of phone calls, video calls, Zoom meetings and virtual conferences has multi­plied in any office over the past few years, pushing noise levels to challenging levels ­­in many shared workspaces. Sometimes,
we simply need a quiet spot where no-one is listening.

Phone booths offer perfectly sized pockets of privacy, and allow you to really zoom into a conversation. For the most compact spaces, choose our Apex Shelf, Bureau Desk, or Float Shelf with the smallest footprints. Combine it with Atlas Barstool for active listening and confident presenting in a sit-stand-position.

​​Soft Meeting Rooms

Whilst contemporary workspace needs to meet many new demands, the meeting room is here to stay – but reinventing itself.

The new meeting room is soft, yet professional. When it’s a conversation, why would we need a table? We need furniture that supports and encourages conversation and movement, and keeps creative juices flowing.

Inspired by the idea of a business club, informal settings with sofas and upholstery break down barriers for business talk. Teamwork sessions benefit from less rigid, more dynamic seating arrangements.

Meeting Rooms

Some occasions call for a bit more formality: contract signing, executive meetings, and client presentations, need clarity and propriety.

Formal meeting rooms need to be representative, and are allowed to impress. They provide a distraction free space, and singular focus on the topic of the day – carried by minimalist design and premium materials.

Break it Up

Breakout Spaces are the new must for con­­temporary workspaces. Informal and non-prescriptive, these areas are open for anything: a non-private phone call, an email sprint between two meetings – a coffee chat, a bit of gossip, or a good laugh now and then.

Breakout areas can help with zoning, improve acoustics, and create intuitive transitions between areas with different levels of focus, noise, and foot traffic. When your brain needs a change of scenery, they offer an open space and alternative surfaces, where you can spread out your notes or do some research.

Accessories add even more flexibility: Torei Trays turn soft seating into sturdy surfaces for drinks, or a piece of paper to scribble on. December Lamp adds atmospheric lighting, Click Shelves keep inspiration close by.

With the right furniture, breakout areas can be comfortable yet professional, and provide personal pockets within a communal space: Standard Sofa comes with a perfect, non-slouchy seating height that keeps you upright and focused, whether in jeans or a suit. Pair it with Meta Side Table or December Side Tables for a perfectly compact laptop workstation. When the group gets bigger, pull up an Ayo Stool.

Meta Side Table’s storage compartment doubles its surface area, and keeps notepads, headphones or research material within handy reach.

Get Together:
Office Campfire

As teams and colleagues choose between office and home on a day-by-day basis, we need to actively facilitate moments for everyone to get together – to create a sense of community and belonging.

Team events, work presentations, inspirational talks, and company-wide town hall gatherings need extra room – but should take place in the heart of our workspaces.

With flexible seating like our Ayo Stool and Masa Benches, meeting areas or breakout zones can be populated with extra seating, and turned into impromptu auditoriums in a matter of minutes.

Our Standard Sofa lends itself to architectural clusters: facing inwards to enclose a space for one-on-one-conversations; facing outwards for side-by-side meetings with openness and accessibility.

The modular sizes and cubic shape of NEW TENDENCY’s Standard Sofa one-, two- and three-seaters combine well into architectural arrangements, to create zones and rooms-within-the-room.

Ayo Stool is a warm seat made from solid oak that is easily carried around: for a work huddle by a teammate’s desk, for extending a lunch group, or a big town hall gathering.

Inspiration at Hand:
Office Library

Build an office library from Click Shelves or Apex Shelves, collect and share what inspires the company ethos – and create a space for retreat and deep focus.

An office library is a spatial manifestation of shared knowledge: the spirit of flat hierarchies, and the foundation for any intelligence-driven company.

Life at Work:
Office Kitchen

Inofficially the most important space in any office: the kitchen. A warm place to nourish our bodies and our souls with coffee, snacks and conversations, office kitchens are indispensable for community building.

Shared lunches, communal cooking, and everyday celebra­tions make for the most joyful gatherings, allowing life to permeate work.

For a birthday toast, a farewell drink, a new mom’s first visit with baby, the kitchen is where we meet. Make room on the Masa Bench, pull up an Ayo Stool. Long lasting and well-­conceived accessories, like our Rien Glasses and Torei Trays, make everyday kitchen life even more enjoyable.